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SIMUL-qPCR Shiga Toxin (stx) & Intimin (eae) Gene Kit


Food processors and associated laboratories can use the SIMUL-qPCR System as a quick and reliable method for detecting the Top 7 Shiga toxin-producing E.coli in raw beef trim, raw ground beef, and spunbond-ed polyolefin sampling sheets. All SIMUL-qPCR System assays are designed to have the same instrument run time allowing simultaneous identification of all SIMUL-qPCR System assays. In addition, each assay utilizes the power of multiplexing several targets during the same run. The SIMUL-qPCR Top 7 STEC Assay incorporates a multiplex approach to identifying E. coli O157:H7, O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, O145, Shiga toxin and intimin genes

One kit contains 96 tests. One case contains 6 kits. 


    • Results in as little as 12 hours
    • AOAC Validations
    • Single enrichment media can be used to test for the Top 7 STEC and Salmonella
    • Easy lysis protocol for simplified laboratory testing procedures
    • You can run all assays simultaneously, making laboratory workflows more efficient and cost effective


    • Utilizes real time PCR technology
    • Targets: Top 7 STEC; Individual kits available of E. coli O157:H7, Shiga toxin/intimin gene, E. coli O26 & O103, E. coli O111 & O145, and E. coli O45 & O121
    • Enrichment Time: 10-18 hours
    • Limit of Detection: 10,000 CFU/mL after enrichment
    • PCR Run Time: 55 minutes
    • Validations: AOAC PTM 022001
    • Validated Matrices: raw beef trim, raw ground beef, spunbonded polyolefin sampling sheets



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