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Non-Filter Pipette Tips - Racked

Applied Food Diagnostics offers pipette tips engineered for consistent, accurate liquid measurement. Filter tips are recommended for use when an assay is prone to cross contamination. Filter tips prevent aerosols and liquid from penetrating the pipette tip and contaminating the pipette.
200 µL: One rack contains 96 units. One box contains 10 racks. One case contains 5 boxes. Purchased by the box or case. 

1000µL & 1250µL: One rack contains 96 units. One box contains 8 racks. One case contains 5 boxes. Purchased by the box or case. 


    • Universal Fit
    • Sterilized


Available in multiple sizes:

  • 200μ (Racked, Refill)
  • 100μ (Racked, Bulk)
  • 1250μ (Racked, Bulk, Refill)


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