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Butterfield's Phosphate Buffered Dilution Water


Butterfield's Phosphate Buffered Dilution Water is used for preparation of microbiological dilution blanks

9 mL: One case contains 100 units.
90 mL: One case contains 36 units. 

For Stock Solution

Monopotassium phosphate 34g

Distilled Water 500mL

Adjust pH to 7.2 with 1N NaOH. Bring volume up to 1L with distilled water. Sterilize 15 min at 121C. Store in refrigerator

Dilution Blanks

Take 1.25mL of above stock solution and add to 1L of distilled water. Dispense into 9mL or 90mL tubes. Sterilize 15 min at 121C

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