Applied Food Diagnostics announces breakthrough Alicyclobacillus SIMUL-qPCR suite to help fruit juice and puree industry avoid spoilage

Applied Food Diagnostics, Inc., validates first multiplex Alicyclobacillus suite of qPCR assays 

Bloomsburg, PA July 7, 2021 – Applied Food Diagnostics, Inc., the World’s Most Innovative Microbiology Lab Solutions Company, is pleased to announce the Alicyclobacillus suite of test kits. Alicyclobacillus (ACB) presence is a known source of spoilage and product loss in fruit products (juice, concentrates, essences, purees). Our ACB suite has been subjected to robust validation prior to release on a wide variety of fruit products and offers results in 90 minutes post-enrichment.  

The Alicyclobacillus (ACB) suite includes identification of Alicyclobacillus species plus acidoterrestrisacidiphilusherbarius, and cycloheptanicus. All ACB SIMUL-qPCR test kits include multiple targets (multiplex) with an internal amplification control. All SIMUL-qPCR test kits utilize the same operational parameters allowing simultaneous detection of the multiple ACB targets. Unlike any other ACB detection product in the current market, the ACB suite is in a convenient lyophilized format 

In addition to developing this ACB suite to be harmonized with the IFU Methods for enrichment, Applied Food Diagnostics scientists additionally validated a very economical alternative media (AFD ACB Broth) to allow detection within 24 hours. “With the SIMUL ACB best-in-class sensitivity, plus the ability to multiplex and speciate the ACB organisms, this new assay is a game-changer for the fruit juice, concentrate, and puree industry.” said Allan Hernandez, International Food Safety Manager. “The SIMUL qPCR fully simultaneous multiplex collection of assays where pathogens of interest can be concurrently run on the same platform is a significant milestone for those seeking operational efficiency.”   

About Applied Food Diagnostics, Inc. 

Applied Food Diagnostics, Inc. (AFD) develops and manufactures sampling and testing products specifically for the food centric sectors. AFD offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, rapid detection test kits, microbiological products, laboratory and sample collection supplies for food science applications. Their portfolio includes several AOAC PTM Approved pathogen detection kits, including the no-enrichment MEMP collection of environmental assays as well as the complete array of SIMUL products. 

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