Applied Food Diagnostics MEMP™ and SIMUL™ qPCR Assays drive success for mobile laboratory service

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania - Applied Food Diagnostics launches rapid pathogen detection utilizing qPCR assays for food industry use. The Ecuador division of Bureau Veritas, a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services for the food industry, implemented the SIMUL™ assays to expedite mobile laboratory results, strengthening food safety and safeguarding human health.   

The two qPCR assays available for mobile laboratories include Molecular Environmental Monitoring Program (MEMP™) assays and Simultaneous Multiplex (SIMUL™) Assays.  

MEMP™ qPCR assays are AOAC PTM validated and designed to detect Listeria and Salmonella on environmental surfaces. MEMP™ assays have high sensitivity (<10-100 CFU) for detecting these pathogens in samples collected as part of environmental monitoring programs. Following swabbing, MEMP™ assays require no enrichment and yield results within two hours of sampling. 

SIMUL™ qPCR assays are AOAC PTM validated assays that detect Listeria/L. monocytogenesSalmonella and the top 7 STECs (E. coli O157:H7, O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, O145). Samples analyzed with SIMUL™ assays require an 18-72-hour enrichment period. The recovery phase ensures samples <10 CFU will be detectable after enrichment.  

MEMP™ and SIMUL™ qPCR assays provide rapid results with greater sensitivity than traditional microbial identification procedures. Robust, on-site sampling with rapid results is critical for identifying pathogen harbor sites. Mobile laboratories provide timely crisis response during recalls and in instances of product contamination. 


Image: Mobile Bureau Veritas laboratory unit designed to detect pathogens using MEMP™ and SIMUL™ qPCR assays 


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